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Maine Beer Box

Ferment Magazine covers Maine craft breweries and their stories as they make the journey to England on the Maine Beer Box. Check us out on pages 23-25.



Check out what we’ve been up to here at the brewery!

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Brewery Reviewery

Read what Justin had to say about his visit to Geary Brewing Co.!


The BrewXP

Another great review!

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25 Most Important American Craft Beers Ever Brewed

Geary Brewing Co.’s flagship beer, Pale Ale, comes in at #22!


Maine Brewers Tap Into Foreign Markets

Our partnership with the Maine Beer Box through the Maine Brewer’s Guild has helped us expand into overseas markets!

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Maine Beer Box Journey 2018

This video made by the Maine Brewer’s Guild highlights the journey of the Maine Beer Box around the state of Maine.