Maine brewshed alliance

Geary Brewing Co. was one of the 12 founding breweries of the Maine Brewshed Alliance. Through this relationship we are fostering and educating a community of beer lovers that cares about our great Maine water sources, especially Sebago Lake.



Our water goes through multiple filtration process during each brewing session.

We utilize both mash tun filters and trub filters so that our waste water exceeds the requirements for cleanliness. This in turn helps to save water because it takes less work to treat in order to return it to consumable water standards. Our waste water can be reused with less treatment, meaning less energy spent, instead of going through an intensive purification process or being discarded due to contamination.

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Wort chilling

We utilize heat exchange in our wort cooling process.

While we are transferring the hot wort to the fermenter, we cool it down by running it through pipes alongside cool city water. While the wort is being cooled, at the same time it is heating the city water which is then transferred into the hot liquor back to supply hot water to the next batch of beer. This heat transfer conserves the energy and gas that it would take to heat the city water from its normal cool temperature.



Sanitation is crucial in brewing beer, even the smallest amount of unwanted bacteria can contaminate an entire batch.

Our sanitation system uses a no-rinse solution. This helps us save water because we only use water to dilute the sanitizer and do not need to waste more after that by rinsing all our materials again.



Our centrifuge allows for even more purification through filtering. This highly efficient machine spins the beer at 12,000 RPMs, and helps us preserve and conserve beer that may be lost through other methods of filtration. Our centrifuge is a highly innovative piece of equipment not many breweries in the area have.