irish red ale

(January - March)

A classic representation of the Irish Red export ales that see popularity in pubs, taverns, and inns all across the British Isles. True to style, this red ale features a biscuity and sweet caramel body and nose with just the right amount of roasted malt character lending to the red color and pleasing, slightly dry finish.

ABV: 6%

Available in 12oz bottles


Summer ale

(April - August)

This version of a British Golden Ale is moderately strong in alcohol, rounded in body, golden in color, and supports slight hints of fruit. A remarkably refreshing ale for the dog days.

ABV: 6%

Available in 12oz cans, 12oz bottles, & 16oz cans


Brown ale

(September - March)

Chocolate and caramel flavors with enough citrus hop flavor and bite to balance and compliment the malty base. Our Brown Ale blends a traditional English style with an American flair.

ABV: 5.5%

Available in 12oz bottles


london porter

(November - January)

NY Times #1 Selection!

A faithful recreation of the industrial workers’ porters of Old London.

This ale is deep mahogany to black with notes of English toffee, double roasted coffee, and subtle stone fruit in the nose. The restrained yet complex malt body gives way to an off-white head with lasting lace. A pleasing mineral body combines with low alcohol content for a subtle dry finish.

ABV: 4.2%

Available in 12oz bottles