What’s On Tap

Our tasting room is home to 8 rotating taps as well as a rotating selection of bottle pours to feature a wide variety of our beers including our classic heritage line, the contemporary line, and beers from our pilot system. Check below or on Untappd to see what we’re serving today!

  1. Pale Ale - 5.2% ABV


    Our flagship, first poured in 1986.

    This is a classic British-style pale ale with a nod to the legendary beers of Burton-on-Trent. It has a copper color with a malty body and medium mouth feel. Stone fruit sweetness compliments the traditional bitterness of this ale.

  2. Hampshire Special Ale (HSA) - 7.5% ABV


    Maine’s original “winter warmer.”

    The unique, incredibly complex “HSA” is a clear, mahogany-colored strong ale with a heavy body and thick mouth feel. A toasty, malty, stone fruit sweetness compliments and contrasts the assertive flavors of the large hop build and noticeably high alcohol content.

  3. OG Lager - 4.8% ABV


    The makers of the original Maine ale introduce a Helles style session lager with Vacationland in every sip. Delightfully drinkable!

  4. Brown ale - 5.5% ABV


    Chocolate and caramel flavors with enough citrus hop flavor and bite to balance and compliment the malty base. Our Brown Ale blends a traditional English style with an American flair.

  5. RAZZLE DAZZLE - 4.8% abv


    Not too sour, not too sweet! The subtle tartness of fresh raspberries in this sour lager is crisp and refreshing. A perfect harmony for your tastebuds!

  6. Riverside IPA - 7.2% abv


    Abundantly hopped with Mosaic, this unfiltered IPA has a sweet aroma and a slightly bitter finish. With hints of citrus and pine, this beer is made to be enjoyed by all.

  7. Summer Ale - 6% abv


    This version of a British Golden Ale is moderately strong in alcohol, rounded in body, golden in color, and supports slight hints of fruit. A remarkably refreshing ale for the dog days.

  8. Pick me - 4.8% abv


    Brewed with fresh Maine wild blueberries, this lager captures the unique, robust flavor profile of those tiny blue miracles with a clean, fresh finish in every sip.

Bottle Pours:

  1. London Porter - 4.2% ABV


    London Porter is a faithful recreation of the industrial workers of Old London. This ale is deep mahogany to black with notes of English toffee, double roasted coffee, and subtle stone fruit in the nose. The restrained yet complex malt body gives way to an off-white head with lasting lace. A pleasing mineral body combines with a low alcohol content for a subtle dry finish.

  2. Geary’s Session IPA - 4.9%


    Our Session IPA is a filtered, double-hopped English session IPA, with English 2-row malt to balance its tropical, citrus aroma. Double-hopping delivers a smooth, drinkable India Pale Ale.

  3. Ixnay, Gluten Removed Pale Ale - 5%


    Geary’s Ixnay, Maine’s first (and only) gluten removed beer brings you the authentic taste of our Pale Ale without the gluten. We create the beer exactly like out Pale Ale, and remove the gluten during fermentation. To ensure quality, every Ixnay batch is ELISA tested for gluten at an outside lab.

  4. Pulling Traps IPA - 6.8% ABV


    This New England IPA is dry-hopped with juicy mosaic and finishes with just the right amount of bitterness. At Maine’s First Craft Brewery, we believe in the same traditions of hard work and simplicity that made lobstering and fishing a symbol of Maine life. Just as fishermen harvest a day’s catch by hand, our brewers hand craft each batch.

  5. Irish Red Ale - 6% ABV


    A classic representation of the Irish Red export ales that see popularity in pubs, taverns, and inns all across the British Isles. True to style, this red ale features a biscuity and sweet caramel body and nose with just the right amount of roasted malt character lending to the red color and pleasing, slightly dry finish.